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Packages and Pricing

Luxury Ice Fishing House Premium Marketing Solutions

Effective cross-channel target marketing strategy powered by unprecedented technology that maximizes your ad listing efforts with real results. Offers Target Market Digital Advertising With Our Dynamic, Super Intelligent Inventory Clearance Ad Listing Platform.

Modern Day Ice Fishing House Manufacturing Industry

In today’s world, the wheeled, drop-down luxury ice fishing house market is no longer a niche you can easily corner. Dealers are no longer placing the Ice Castle and Yetti fish houses in the back forty, out of sight and out of the way of the large recreational vehicle buyer. Luxury style ice fishing houses are what buying customers are asking for. In the last year alone, dealers are starting to embrace these customers online, verses years of avoiding them while targeting the $100,000+ RV buyer.

New and used dealers dedicated to only selling luxury wheeled ice fishing houses are becoming more and more common. Competition is becoming more and more fierce. The “olden aged” associated with ice fishing as a whole does not apply when it comes to online searching and purchasing of luxury ice fishing houses. Google searches using keywords and LSI key-phrases of Ice Castle and Yetti have been on a decade long steady incline. Offers the Best Online Services to Sell Your Fish House Dealer Inventory

Our Super Intelligent Inventory Clearance Ad Listing Platform maximizes the impact of your fish house listing based on keyword intent technology — automatically targeting and buyers who are most likely to buy the exact fish house your selling.

When you sign up for the Dealer Direct or Featured Dealer product, you will work with Fish House List, you gain an expert online marketing strategist who is dedicated to enhancing your online digital marketing strategy for moving your ice fishing house inventory. By executing all essential marketing services with one team, each channel can efficiently leverage the next to save you money and maximize results.

Effective Premium Listings

Our team will help maximize your listing with our years of online marketing and SEO knowledge. Our specialists will target your listing and deploy it to the target market audiences specifically ready to purchase and buy the exact ice fishing house you include in your listing.

Using our extensive knowledge of the ice fishing house industry, our digital marketing specialists will create solutions specific to your needs that will drive results in a competitive fish house dealer market.

Choose the best marketing plan for you offers a Premium listing marketing package just for you. Sell your ice fishing house quicker and for more money when targeting buyers who are ready and in your market.