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Luxury Ice Fishing House Premium Marketing Solutions

Effective cross-channel target marketing strategy powered by unprecedented technology that maximizes your ad listings and yeilds real results. offers online, target market, advanced digital advertising.

We use a dynamic, super-intelligent inventory clearance process via our Premium ad listing platform to get your listing seen within Google’s search engine page results (SERPs).


Fish House List offers online direct marketing advertisements that sell your ice fishing house faster. has thousands of visitors per week, hundreds of listed fish houses, and has sold thousands of ice houses for our clients.

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The State of the Online Ice Fishing House Selling Market in 2020

It wasn’t too long ago when an outdoors sports-person walking an RV dealerships lot, asking, and looking for a mobile and wheeled ice fishing house was looked upon as a “mooch” by the sales staff.

A “mooch” is a customer who wants everything, without paying for anything. Not something the dealer likes to see.

Dealers are no longer placing their trade-in Ice Castle and Yetti fish houses in the back yard of the dealership. Luxury mobile and wheeled ice fishing houses are what buying customers are walking in and asking for now. In 2020, ice fishing houses and recreation vehicle (RV) dealers have started to embrace the online fish house customer, as well as their fish house inventory.

In today’s online world, the mobile, wheeled, drop-down luxury ice fishing house market is no longer an online niche market that is easily controlled. Luxury ice fishing houses are now a highly sought-after commodity that commands a capitol price tag. Especially during a pandemic such as the novel COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, ice fishing house dealers need something online to help them obtain an edge when selling their inventory.

New and used online ice house dealers selling luxury mobile ice fishing homes have become more common. The ice house dealer online competition has become more fierce. Google searches using keywords and LSI key-phrases of Ice Castle and Yetti have coveted search keywords and key terms to own within Google’s search engine page results.

How does an ice house dealer even compete in 2020? Their easy solution is

2020 Advertising Budgets by Medium
2020 Advertising Budgets by Medium
Maximizing a Dealerships 2020 Advertisement Budget 

Hands down, online advertising sells more fish house inventory than any other medium or outlet right now. Radio and TV are dead. Newspaper ads? What are those? The only possible contender would be buying and creating ad spots on free and premium digital video streaming services such as Hulu, Pluto TV, and Sling TV. Not only is making a commercial very time consuming, but it’s also very expensive.

Fish House List has proven advertisement methods that work and we have a dealer package designed not to break the bank, but help your company sell more units. Starting at only $55.00 for our Featured Dealer advertisement package, our FHL team will help you handcraft the perfect listing and using the latest SEO techniques and through social media platforms, your listing will be featured in front of thousands of unique individuals ready to purchase a new or used ice fishing house.

Find Which Package is Best For You

Premium Ad Packages Compared

Best Online Services to Sell Your Fish House Inventory

Our Super Intelligent Inventory Clearance Ad Listing Platform maximizes the impact of your fish house listing based on keyword intent technology — automatically targeting buyers who are most likely to be purchasing the exact fish house you or your company is selling.

When you sign up for our Dealer Direct or Featured Dealer product, you don’t get left out in the cold. A Fish House List online marketing strategist and search engine optimization expert will be dedicated to enhancing your online digital marketing strategy. By executing all essential marketing services with the same FHL team member(s), each marketing channel can efficiently leverage the next, saving you and your company time and money, while maximizing your listing’s results.

Advanced and Effective Premium Listings uses a complex mix of custom coding and Google API services to bring out listings to life and give them an extremely high LSI keyword advantage over traditional SEO methods. 

Each FHL Premium Listing goes through our custom Detailed Schema Markup process, which conforms to the latest Google and Schema markup standards and practices.

Rich Structured Data Results are the Standard
Fish House List Detailed Schema Structured Data Markup offers premium listings that utilize the latest detailed Schema and structured data markup required to display our listings within mobile and desktop Google search engine results page.
Fish House List’s Own Rich Structured Data Snippets Widgets
Fish House List Featured Ad Rich Snippets Widgets
Throughout Fish House List, we feature our own rich snippets ad widgets right on our website. We offer featured listing results and basic premium listings to feed in when the featured premium results have been cycled through.
Searching for Ice Fishing Houses Through Our GEO Locations Based Search
Fish House List Geo Search Results Via Google Maps
Fish House List offers the latest Geo product-related search via Google Maps and Google API. People in your neighborhood will know where your dealership is at or where you are selling your ice fishing house with pinpoint accuracy.
Featured Ad Widgets Built Throughout
Fish House List Home Page Feature Ads
Fish House List has a rotating home page featured ads widget and featured ad widgets placed around our entire website. Nothing grabs attention more than a featured listing here at
Inhouse SERPs Preview Within Our SEO Control Panel
Fish House List SEO-Friendly Rich Snippets Google Search Results
Fish House List includes SEO-friendly, high-quality, and detailed rich structured data snippets within Google’s search engine results pages for all featured and premium listings. Your fish house for sale will show up within a Google search, guaranteed!
Feature Rich and Detailed Listings Catch Everyone’s Eye
Fish House List SEO Listing Offer Rich Details
Fish House List listings are SEO friendly and offer rich details for optimum user experience and buyer engagement. Present your fish house listing or listings in the highest of quality detail and sell them faster than other online sources can.
The Results are Not in the Proof, But in Google’s SERPs
Fish House List Google Rich Snippets Structured Data Search Results
Fish House List ad listings get seen within Google Search Results or SERPs by our own custom rich snippets structured data JSON coding. Let our developers create the best search engine results possible for your fish house listing.

Our team is here to help maximize your listing or listings with years of online marketing and SEO knowledge. Our specialists will target market your listing and deploy it across audiences specifically ready to purchase and buy a luxury ice fishing house.

Using our extensive knowledge of the ice fishing house industry, our digital marketing specialists will create solutions specific to your needs, driving results in a competitive online fish house dealership market.

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