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Buying New and Used Fish Houses 101

Buying New and Used Fish Houses 101

Buying New and Used Fish Houses 101

Welcome to our initial launch of our buying new and used ice fishing houses blog series. The goal of this series is to help smooth the buying process when purchasing a high-end, expensive luxury ice fishing house.

Strategically designed to help those during the buying experience, Fish House List has thought of every aspect when it comes to investing in a deluxe RV style wheeled fish house or a grand skid style permanent ice fishing house. Today, given the advancements in fish house manufacturing, RV styled fish house trailers are not what they were like only five or ten years ago. Today, but a high-end fish house is equal to buying a small rambler style home on wheels, and the investment a buyer makes during the process is substantial.

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Ice Fishing House Buying Process

Fish House List aims to smoothen the buying process by providing content and services created with the fish house buyer in mind. Our end game in the ice fishing house industry is to become your online ice fishing shanty broker of sorts, but an entity who is on your side and is looking out for the buyers best interests. Fish House List can provide guidance when it comes to fish house financing, the ice fishing house buyers purchase agreement, pointing out the fine print within the terms and conditions of purchase. We even help when it comes to needed service work, and repairs and fish house extended warranties and safety recalls.

Online Ice Fishing House Broker

FHL can be your online, virtual in-between when it comes to purchasing a used or new Ice Castle fish house. Our how-to articles and tutorials will share insider tips on working with RV style ice fishing house dealers. Buying a $50,000 ice shanty could be classified as somewhere between buying a new vehicle and purchasing a small, used home. Purchasing an RV style fish house built today will change your life.

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First Time Ice Castle or Yetti Purchasing Nerves

Will my vehicle be able to haul my new fish house? Do I have to purchase ice shanty insurance, and if so, who and where is the best source to obtain it? Is there a title involved with the fish house purchase? Do I need a special driver’s license to pull the fish house to and from the lake? How much ice is required to hold my vehicle, gear, and my new Ice Castle? These are just a few of the many essential questions new fish house owners face when the decision has been made to purchase a new ice fishing house. Fish House List will provide the answer to many of these questions and help you prepare for your new purchase, allowing you to enjoy it rather than have t consumed with nerves.

Ultimately, owning a new Ice Forts or Glacier RV style ice fishing house is a fun and pleasant experience. As a new ice house owner, you will have the freedom and control to sett your ice fishing future. Remember, not only is an AlumaIce fish house used for ice fishing, but it is also used for hunting and camping, so your new purchase will be used more than four weeks each ice season.

In the coming weeks, FHL will begin to release our new blog series, Buying New and Used Ice Fishing HOuses 101, so look forward to learning much more from


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