Tips When Buying Ice Fishing Houses

Some Tips to Look For When Buying Your Next Ice Fishing House is a free online website where anyone can sell, buy or rent an ice fishing house from anywhere ice fishing is happening. offers an exclusive online resource for buying, selling or renting your next ice fishing house. We here at FHL want you to make the right decisions when it comes to ice fishing house. Here a few tips to consider when looking at buying or renting your next ice fishing house.



For many years all that anyone in this industry ever used, and some still do, is 1/8" paneling. It does not last very long in an ice fishing house. It warps on the ceiling, the facing will come off and usually near the floor where frost creeps up in cold weather. If this happens it will then begin to rot and it does not add any support in keeping your walls strong. A fish house should be constructed using light weight 1/4" paneling. It is twice as strong and will outlast any 1/8" paneling on the market, or an all wood Tongue & Groove interior.



We recommend using the pink or blue high-density board foam in your walls and Kraft-faced R19 in your Ceiling. Tyvek should also be used on your exterior before siding it.

If it is chosen to insulate the floors, we advise NOT to sandwich foam between 2 layers of plywood. This method not only traps moisture, but it also adds weight, and not much R-value. We recommend spray foaming under your floor if you have access to doing this.



Recommended is gluing all floors down with industrial floor glue along with special coated self-drilling floor screws. Coated fasteners are needed with the copper added chemicals in today's treated lumber. Some manufacturers will shoot steel nails or use non-coated fasteners. These types of fasteners won't last in the new treated lumber. All flooring must be glued and fastened with a coated fastener.


Walls and Rafters

All wall studs and rafters should be 16" on center, again with straight premium lumber. Rafters should be constructed with 2" x 6"s. Tapered from the center to outside edge, pre-drilled and fastened with 3" Screws. Walls should be 2" x 2" with 2" x 4"s on the corners for extra strength. Studs should be pre-drilled and fastened with 3" screws to keep walls together on the rough lake roads.



Smooth cargo aluminum siding in sheets will outlast any lap type siding available. It will also makes your structure much more solid and can easily be spray foamed.


Windows and Doors

Thermal pane windows are now a standard feature not an added option for many ice fishing house manufactures. Single pane windows do nothing but sweat and should be avoided if possible.

Doors should be a maintenance free high gloss RV door that has fiberglass skins, foam insulated and has a round door knob with (2) keys. The advantage with fiberglass skins over aluminum is that they will not dent.



We recommend rubber roofing. It will outlast any aluminum roof. Rubber roofing will not leak like most aluminum roofs do over time, and can be purchase at most lumber yards for half the cost of aluminum roofing.